Chairman Message

Chairman Message

NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR RESEARCH IN EDUCATION (NCRE) has been established under Uttrakhand Governmentwith the aim of providing quality education to all. The council will actively engage itself to promote educational, social and economic upliftment and general welfare of the people of India. The council will also provide education to economically backward section of people of India by conducting Open Schooling and Distance Education programmes.

National Council will embark upon quality education system that fosters creative thinking and innovations. Excellence is a mind-set and we wish to realize it in our students. The Open learning system has been initiated in National Council in order to augment opportunities for education as an instrument of democratising education and tomake it a lifelong process. The flexibilities and innovations of the Open Learning System are particularly suited to the diverse requirements of the citizens of our country, including those who had joined the vocational Stream.

In the present scenario of cut throat competition, the fast pace of improvement has now become crucial. Our life must be combined with action. Our stern and sincere efforts can make a big difference. I believe that a teacher is capable of moulding the student’s life.The demand for quality education is growing, and presently it is often being met by Institutions outside India. It is evident from the fact that during the year 2009 itself, more than 70,000 students went to the United States for higher education, spending more than $4 billion annually.

We have launched Certificate / Diploma / PG.Diploma Courses, Diploma Engineering Courses and Management Courses through Open and Distance Learning Mode.

I wish better opportunities and better career prospects to all the students of NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR RESEARCH IN EDUCATION.

Sd/ - The Chairman